Trinity Church

Trinity Church has deep roots in Cornwall. Founded in 1787, we are well into our third century of worship and service together, loving God and loving our neighbours.

Our prayer is to become the body of Christ in this place and in this time. As we pray that prayer, we trust that we are allowing God to embody the ministry of Jesus Christ - forgiveness, reconciliation, and the promise of new life - through us.

Are you new?

All visitors, newcomers, and seekers are welcome to attend worship services, participate in the ministries of our church, and belong to our community. When you visit Trinity Church, you can expect to be welcomed with open hearts, to be loved for who you are, to be encouraged to share your gifts, and to share in our common worship through singing, prayers, the reading of Holy Scriptures, and the sharing in the fellowship of Holy Eucharist.

Our location

105 Second Street West
Cornwall, ON


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