“Give rest, O Christ,
to your servants with your saints”

The death of a loved one can be a difficult and emotional time for friends and family. St. Lawrence Parish offers pastoral care to those receiving end of life care, as well as support for those suffering loss.

Funeral services may take place at the church or elsewhere. Arrangements are made as needed in consultation with parish clergy. It is never too early or too late to begin this conversation.

“God of mercy…increase, we pray, our faith, deepen our hope, and confirm us in your eternal love.”
— Prayer from Book of Alternative Services

St. Lawrence Parish maintains
four cemetery locations.

Maple Grove Cemetery

Maple Grove Cemetery is located in the west end of Cornwall. The current location of the cemetery dates from the 1950s but many of the memorial stones located at Maple Grove are from further back in Cornwall’s history. Situated high above Vincent Massey Drive, the cemetery is a quiet retreat for many to stop and reflect.

Maple Grove has burial plots available for purchase through the Trinity Church office. See Contact Us.

St. john the Evangelist Cemetery

St. John the Evangelist, Lancaster, keeps a traditional churchyard cemetery a few steps from the church building and within close proximity to the St. Lawrence River. The memorial stones in the churchyard help tell the history of St. John’s and the village of Lancaster.

Ground burial plots and columbarium niches are available through the St. John’s office. See Contact Us.

Trinity Church Cemetery

Trinity Church, Cornwall is one of the oldest Christian communities in Eastern Ontario. The land on which the church sits includes a cemetery which is the final resting place for residents of Cornwall from as as far back as the 1700s. Interment is no longer possible at the Trinity Church but the grounds are open to the public for prayer, quiet reflection and historical interest.

St. George’s Cemetery

St. George’s Cemetery is located at the former site of St. George’s Anglican Church in Gallingertown. Founded around the same time as Trinity Church, Cornwall, this small rural burial site is not able to accommodate new interments. The site is open for visitors who wish to pray, reflect, and learn about the history of the area. The cemetery is maintained by Christ Church Seaway in Long Sault.