Children are not the future of the Church…they are the Church right now!
Learn more about how kids are part of Christ Church Seaway.


Kids in worship

Children are not the future of the church - they are part of the church right now! At Christ Church Seaway, nobody is ever too young to experience the love of God or to participate in the journey of faith. Kids are always welcome to join in worship services. Kids can sit with grown-ups in the pews, make use of a small colouring table at the back of the church, and attend Sunday School class if they like.

On Sunday mornings the 10AM service includes a chance for kids to speak directly with the priest and to pray together. This is a chance to celebrate kids’ presence in the community and build a rapport between children and adults in the congregation.

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sunday School

During the school year Christ Church has an active Sunday School program. Volunteer teachers ensure that Bible stories and teachings are presented in a fun and age-appropriate manner. Usually the lessons include games, crafts, conversations, and songs. Kids are welcome to attend weekly, on occasion, or whenever they can!

A nursery playroom is also available for very young children and toddlers on a self-serve basis.


kids Bible days

Every few months Christ Church hosts a morning for fun, friendship, and exploring faith together. Kids Bible Days are free and open for all. The program is designed for ages 4-10. Kids younger than 4 are welcome to come as long as they bring their own grownups!


Summer Camp

Christian summer camps provide children with a unique venue for nature exploration and faith building. Camp also is an excellent environment for leadership development and social growth.

Christ Church Seaway encourages families to become involved in Christian camps by helping families with the cost of attending camp and by supporting campers throughout the experience.