Community Engagement and Events

St. John the Evangelist participates in numerous community events and hosts many of its own throughout the year. Look below to see some of them…


Shrove Tuesday

St. John’s opens its doors to the entire community for a feast of pancakes, sausage, and more! See our parish calendar in February or March each year for details.


madagascar school project tea

In support of the Madagascar School Project, St. John’s hosts an annual Tea for anyone interested in learning more about this life-changing project. See our parish calendar in November for dates and details.


Doors Open Ontario

St. John’s participates in Doors Open Ontario to open its doors of its unique church building to the public. Look to our parish calendar in August to see this year’s dates.

celebrate Strawberries!

Coincident with strawberry season and neighbouring Quebec’s St. Jean Baptiste holiday weekend, St. John’s hosts a market of all things strawberry! Bring your wallet and your taste buds to enjoy the tastes of the season! See our parish calendar for this year’s date.


labyrinth opening and closing

In the Springtime and the close of summer, the congregation of St. John’s opens its beautiful labyrinth for public use with a liturgy. See our parish calendar for opening and closing dates each season.


congregational breakfasts

Every Spring and Fall, the congregation of St. John’s lingers together after Sunday worship for a breakfast meal. See our parish calendar for dates and details.

Christmas Float   100 years.jpg

Lancaster Santa Claus Parade

The congregation of St. John’s joins its neighbours in Lancaster’s annual Santa Claus parade. See our parish calendar in November or December for this year’s parade date.

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memorial sunday

Every summer, St. John’s hosts an outdoor memorial service for all families and friends who have a connection to the St. John’s cemetery. See our parish calendar for dates in July or August for this occasion.