Baptism and Eucharist are central to Christian identity.



Baptism is how we welcome new believers into the household of faith. When we are baptized, we celebrate the mystery of God’s love in our lives and publicly declare our commitment to follow Jesus.

Baptism is not just about the person being baptized, it is about the whole community of baptized people - the Church. Through baptism we celebrate our membership in the communion of saints: past, present, and future. In Baptism, we celebrate the new life which God makes possible for each of us and all of us!

Are you considering baptism for yourself or for a child in your care? If yes, please contact our clergy to introduce yourself, to learn more about the Christian community of St. Lawrence Parish, and to plan your journey to baptism with us.



In Eucharist (Holy Communion) our identity as followers of Jesus is nourished, deepened, and energized for mission.

The word “Eucharist” is an ancient word that means “thanksgiving.” When we gather to celebrate Eucharist together, we offer our praise and thanksgiving for the revelation of God’s love in Jesus Christ. As we share in this holy meal, we give thanks that we are invited to be participants in the ministry of Christ. As food is nourishment for the body, Communion in Christ is nourishment for the soul.

There are lots of ways that everyone participates in Eucharist – prayers, scripture readings, songs, sharing peace with one another. Anyone baptized – regardless of their church affiliation – is invited to share in the sacred meal. If you feel unsure about receiving this sacrament you are always welcome to come to the table and request a prayer of God’s blessing.

For a schedule of regular times we celebrate Eucharist, see Weekly Worship.