Prayers & Squares

   Can you touch a prayer? Can you pull it close and feel its comfort?
You can if it is part of a prayer quilt.


Who are we?

Prayers & Squares is an international, interfaith, outreach organization that combines the gift of prayer with the gift of a hand-tied quilt. Heavy cotton threads are stitched through the quilt: as we pray for the recipient, we tie a knot, and infuse our love, faith and best hopes into the quilt.

Prayers & Squares chapters have made, prayed over, and given out many quilts - each a gift of love. They have been made for people with medical, emotional or spiritual concerns, difficult family situations, personal crisis and grief. 

These "comforters" are a statement of faith, and a testimony to our belief in God and in the power of prayer.

what do we do?

Together and individually, we craft lap sized quilts. These quilts are blessed by our community, and afterwards, members of the congregation tie their prayers into it.

We also make wall hangings for baptisms and confirmations, and pocket prayer quilts, the latter of which have reached our armed forces stationed abroad.

Many hands make light work! Designing, ironing, cutting, sewing, pinning, stuffing and threading--these are our jobs; but we also sip and snack, chat and laugh.

Thanks to our group’s donations of fabric, time, and money, we have been able to give away over 670 quilts in our 12-year history.



how can you get involved?

Are you interested in getting involved? If yes, please join us:

1:00PM - 3:00PM
church Hall / Christ Church Seaway
2 Bethune Ave.
Long Sault, ON

Are you interested in requesting a prayer quilt for yourself or someone else in need? If yes, please contact the Christ Church Seaway office and your request will be forwarded to the group.