The churches of St. Lawrence Parish are served by two full-time priests.

In addition to their leadership in worship and the councils of our churches, St. Lawrence Parish is supported by a dedicated team of part-time deacons, priests, lay staff and volunteers.

The Rev. Patrick Stephens ( left ) and The Rev. Colin McFarland ( right ).

The Rev. Patrick Stephens (left) and The Rev. Colin McFarland (right).


The Reverend Patrick Stephens was ordained to the priesthood in 2012. He has been serving with St. Lawrence Parish since 2018. Before his appointment as Incumbent of The Area Parish of the St. Lawrence, Patrick served as Incumbent of Christ Church Seaway and as Assistant Curate at the parish of St. Thomas the Apostle, Ottawa.

He holds a Bachelor of Theology from Saint Paul University and a Master of Divinity from Vancouver School of Theology.

Before discerning a call to Holy Orders, Patrick trained and worked as a practical nurse. In 2005, he spent a year as a volunteer with the Brothers of Taizé and the Mennonite Central Committee in Mymensingh, Bangladesh. Upon returning to Canada, Patrick began studying theology, while working as a palliative care nurse.

Patrick enjoys cooking, canoeing, fishing, camping, gardening, and generally spending time outdoors. He and his wife Mallory have two children.

Contact Patrick:
Tel: 613 933 3991 x 22
E: thereverendpatrickstephens [at]


The Reverend Colin McFarland was ordained to the priesthood in 2018 and is serving in his first full-time ministry position as Assistant Curate of St. Lawrence Parish. During his professional training for ordained ministry, Colin completed internships in the Anglican parishes of Chelsea-Lascelles-Wakefield, St. Albans Church, and St. Bartholomew’s in the Diocese of Ottawa.

Colin holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Trinity Western University and a Master of Divinity from Saint Paul University. Before discerning a call to priesthood, Colin worked as an arts administrator for six years with Ottawa Chamberfest, concluding his time with that organization as its Community Engagement Coordinator.

Colin enjoys making music, reading journalists, philosophers, and theologians, and watching great movies. He and his wife Keltie own a dog named Ginger.

Contact Colin:
Tel: 613 933 3991 x 23
E: therevcolinmcfarland [at]